About Us

Overcoming Addiction

           We bring a message of hope to addicts seeking recovery. Sharing our personal experience we are able to prove that sobriety can be achieved and maintained.

            They can recover from this disease and we will show them how to build a solid foundation for their future by creating a supportive environment that they can go on to be contributing members of society.

The Liberty House seeks to empower those struggling with addiction to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives. Our informed, holistic addiction treatment works for those struggling with addiction and their loved ones who struggle with the ripple effects.

At our house, we’ve created a warm and nurturing environment in which persons are encouraged to find clarity and peace with who they are. Our well-appointed house includes group and individual meetings in which we focus on personal strength, both physical and emotional, to help you take control of your personal demons and conquer your addiction.


Support Us

Your Generosity Makes This Possible

We rely on your support to deeply help the people we treat at our house. Major funding for The Liberty House comes from personal grants and contributions from supporters like you. We can assure you that your help will be appreciated and will make a major difference in our resident’s lives.

Father Carrying Child Outdoors